Our Mission…

Our mission is to apply our knowledge of chemistry to solve product and manufacturing problems. Through collaboration, creativity and logic, we identify analytical approaches to understand complex issues. With expertise in chemical analysis, we produce reliable, accurate data to offer insight into resolving challenging questions.

Company Profile

Alliance Technologies...

  • Brings over 40 years of industrial experience in chemical and analytical technology, along with a broad range of analytical services to meet the needs of chemical, pharmaceutical, and industrial clients.
  • Is a full-service analytical laboratory with state-of-the-art instrumentation.
  • Consists of the former corporate capabilities of FMC Corporation's Analytical Technology group which are now available to chemical, specialty, or pharmaceutical clients.
  • Possesses unique expertise in phosphate, peroxygen, lithium, detergent, water treatment, and semiconductor chemicals.
  • Provides true "turn-key" capabilities in technical support, R&D method development, and process technology with experience in analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical testing, polymer chemistry, process engineering, materials engineering, materials science, and inorganic chemistry.

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