Chemical & Materials Testing Services

Science solves problemsAlliance Technologies, LLC, is a team of experienced scientists employing a wide array of analytical testing instruments to characterize the chemical or material differences that affect your product’s performance or quality. From sub-micron microscopic analysis of contaminants to confirmation of the materials of construction for failed equipment, Alliance Technologies can help you uncover the answer to your critical questions. Such questions might include:

Developing a new product or formulation? Our expertise in deformulation and reverse engineering or materials characterization can aid your understanding of your competition and keep your business ahead.

Testing for regulatory compliance? Our test results have helped our clients comply with EU regulations like RoHS, WEEE, the CFR, MIL SPEC, FDA, DOT, and UN Protocols.

Whether you need to occasionally analyze a few samples or require ongoing analytical support, you can count on Alliance Technologies for reliable results, quick turnaround time, and competitive pricing. Our laboratories have state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation enabling us to analyze a wide variety of samples whether they are solid, liquid, or gas.

Don’t have a test method? Alliance can and will develop test methods and, depending on your requirements, transfer methods to your company or run the chemical analysis in our lab.

For expert chemical and materials testing, contact Alliance Technologies.

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