Failure Analysis

For in-vitro testing, Alliance Technologies is equipped to perform Corrositex, a dermal corrosion testing assay, that is accepted or approved by a large number of regulatory agencies. Corrositex has also been accepted to identify non-corrosives and skin corrosive subcategories 1A, 1B, and 1C by the GHS; other agencies that accept and approve Corrositex include DOT, EPA, EU/OECD, European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods (ECVAM), OSHA, FDA, Consumer Product Safety Commission, Transport Canada, and IATA as a replacement for Draize testing. Corrositex determines chemical corrosivity and permits assignment of U.N. Packing Group classification/GHS categories for Class 8 corrosives. This test replaces the rabbit test of dermal corrosivity by providing a reliable means of mimicking this test.

Alliance has a comprehensive array of analytical instrumentation to provide an understanding of the chemistry or chemical processes. Contact Alliance Technologies today to address your corrosion testing and failure analysis needs.

Corrosion Testing & Failure Analysis

Alliance Technologies provides a wealth of experience and a number of services to understand modes of failure in your production line or product. Microscopic examination for stress, strain, and failure is often the first step to understanding why a material broke, cracked, or disintegrated. Identifying chemicals or contaminants responsible for embrittlement or corrosion using surface infrared or x-ray spectroscopy can often be the key to understanding the source of failure.

Alliance Technologies provides …

  • DOT Classification Testing / (UN Protocol Series 37)
  • Corrositex
  • DC & AC electrochemical testing
  • Equipment or Facility Inspections
  • Metals characterization
  • Coating testing
  • Glass & Ceramics assay
  • Elastomers
  • Corrosion consulting
  • Custom research
  • Bench-scale experiments

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