Pharmaceutical Testing Lab

Alliance Technologies is a FDA registered and audited full service pharmaceutical testing lab. We are licensed by the DEA and have years of experience testing drug ingredients and excipients. We specialize in identifying and characterizing pharmaceutical formulations with our wide range of analytical techniques and skilled scientists. Pharmaceutical companies turn to Alliance Technologies when formulation problems arise, quality is at risk, or intellectual property concerns are brought up. Common applications include NIR identification tests, TOC cleanout validation testing, microspectroscopy for contaminant ID, HPLC or GC assay of APIs, characterization of excipients, FTIR ID of actives, and more.

Changes to USP organic volatile impurities (OVI) resulted in the current specification on residual solvents – USP <467>. Having been involved in the revision process for this specification, Alliance Technologies’ advanced pharmaceutical testing lab can assess your product for residual process solvents or other impurities whether you are seeking regulatory compliance, patent protection, or quality control data.

Get a Quote for testing your pharmaceutical or nutraceutical formula. Alliance Technologies maintains an active GLP/cGMP quality system, assuring that our pharmaceutical testing is performed accurately and documented for regulatory compliance.

Case Studies

Pharmaceutical Testing Case Studies:

  • Carpet Staining and Product Liability
    Management at a large, public facility approached Alliance Technologies for help regarding product liability. Recently installed carpeting in high traffic areas – representing a large investment across several buildings – had become obviously discolored during routine cleaning. Facility management was seeking a remedy from the carpet vendor, but the vendor claimed that the cleaning chemicals caused the ...
  • Paint
    Three paint samples were submitted to Alliance Technologies for analysis to assay CO2 levels generated in the headspace of paint samples containing various additives. The technique developed in this feasibility study would be used to characterize volatile release from paints over time. Alliance’s results suggested that this type of analysis would be appropriate for investigating paint stability ...
  • Tile Adhesive Analysis
    Twelve samples were received by Alliance Technologies as part of an investigation into possible causes for delamination of laminate floor tiles. The samples were characterized to look for differences between adhesive samples and to compare them with performance differences.
  • Product Deformulation & Reverse Engineering
    With years of experience testing many different kinds of products for chemical composition, Alliance Technologies is capable of assisting with product deformulation or reverse engineering.  Finding and applying the right analytical method to your particular product is challenging and only a few laboratories are equipped to handle these kinds of requests. Case studies: A Fortune 100 computer and electronics ...

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