Health and Safety

If you have any of these questions, call on Alliance to help you find the answers. With a wide variety of analytical instruments and chemists and engineers with years of experience, Alliance Technologies is the premier lab for health and safety testing. Partnering with other leading laboratories, Alliance provides a comprehensive picture of your product or material as it relates to product safety or health.

Health & Safety Testing

Our clients have a wide array of needs and Alliance Technologies has a wide array of solutions! Questions we often hear are:

Case Studies

  • Hand Sanitizer Testing from Alliance Technologies
    At the start of the pandemic, Alliance Technologies was pleased to partner with long-time client Shiseido America to test hand sanitizers for their efforts to manufacture and distribute products to hospitals in NJ & NY as well as local police and retirement communities!  Mobilizing our chemists in the midst of these uncertain times, Alliance developed ...
  • Extractables & Leachables from Packaging Plastics
    A packaging product manufacturer with a category-leading brand was facing pressure from concerned consumers. They approached Alliance Technologies for help in demonstrating that harmful substances did not leach from their product. Based on this request, Alliance Technologies: Developed an accelerated testing protocol to check for leaching of a product coating, Developed a quantitative method to detect harmful leachate at ...
  • Corrosion and Corrosivity
    As of October 1, 2005, the DOT no longer references ASTM G 31, but instead adopts the UN Model Regulations Section 37 test protocol for evaluating substances for possible assignment to Class 8 Packing Group III materials. The new protocol is more elaborate and complex and requires a longer exposure time, greater number of test ...

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