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Consumer Product Testing Lab

Alliance Technologies testing laboratory is your source for product evaluation of any number of consumer products. Our chemists have a broad and diverse background in many different industries, which allows us to find the right testing approach whether it involves household candles, sensors for the automotive industry, or adhesives. When something doesn’t work quite right or you need to characterize the composition of drywall, a detergent, or other consumer products, Alliance Technologies is ready to discuss how to assist in solving your most challenging problems. Get a free quote today! Contact our consumer product testing lab.

Case Studies

Some Product Evaluation Case Studies:

  • Fragrance Content Comparison To Gain Competitive Advantage
    A Fortune 500 home goods and personal care products manufacturer was looking for a better way to measure fragrance in their products. At the same time, they wanted a method that would allow them to accurately compare the amount of fragrance in their product to their competition’s. Our expert cosmetic testing lab came to help. Alliance ...
  • Adhesive Failure on Product Packaging
    A global fragrance manufacturer (designer perfumes and colognes) was preparing a major product launch and had prototyped a bottle design with a metal label. During storage and initial testing of the prototype, the metal plates were found to have poor adhesion and were even falling off during storage. The vendor approached Alliance Technologies for help with this ...
  • Carpet Staining and Product Liability
    Management at a large, public facility approached Alliance Technologies for help regarding product liability. Recently installed carpeting in high traffic areas – representing a large investment across several buildings – had become obviously discolored during routine cleaning. Facility management was seeking a remedy from the carpet vendor, but the vendor claimed that the cleaning chemicals caused the ...
  • Electronic Cigarettes
    Recent interest in the nicotine content of traditional cigarettes has spawned technology to deliver nicotine without many of the other harmful chemicals present in tobacco-based products.  FDA concern for the safety of electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes required testing of these products for chemical composition and to evaluate product safety.  Alliance Technologies tested a number of ingredients present ...
  • Extractables & Leachables from Packaging Plastics
    A packaging product manufacturer with a category-leading brand was facing pressure from concerned consumers. They approached Alliance Technologies for help in demonstrating that harmful substances did not leach from their product. Based on this request, Alliance Technologies: Developed an accelerated testing protocol to check for leaching of a product coating, Developed a quantitative method to detect harmful leachate at ...

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