Composition Analysis

Whether you are looking for certain key ingredients, or deformulating the entire product, Alliance Technologies can assist you with your composition analysis needs.

Deformulation & Reverse Engineering

Deformulation of finished goods requires several analytical techniques as well as proficiency in chemical separation. Alliance Technologies has deformulated a number of products, such as detergents & cleaners, cosmetics, beverages, and fragrance products to support market intelligence, assess patent infringement, or verify product composition. With a wide variety of instrumental methods at our disposal, Alliance Technologies is your independent lab for deformulation projects. Contact us or get a free quote to start your project today.

Chemical Testing Labs provide:

    •Safety Assurance
    •Regulatory Compliance & Requirements
    •Product Quality Improvements
    •Foundation of Customer Trust
    •Cost Saving Potential

Chemical testing of consumer products can provide a range of benefits to both manufacturers and consumers. By ensuring safety, meeting regulatory requirements, improving product quality, building consumer trust, and identifying potential cost savings, chemical testing can help manufacturers produce products that are safer, higher quality, and more environmentally friendly, while also meeting consumer demands for transparency and accountability.

Free Quote

For more information on our services or a technical consultation, contact Alliance. If you have already received a quote and would like to submit your sample, please fill out our online sample submission form.