Performance & Compliance Testing

How do you know if your product complies with current regulations or performs properly?  At Alliance Technologies, testing for regulatory compliance can be performed in nearly any sample with the right method and the right instrumentation.  With a cGMP/GLP laboratory, Alliance can provide testing according to compendial methods including ASTM, AOAC, USP, FCC, EC, UN, and OECD.  Reliability and consistency of your product is our goal when we provide test information about your samples.

In addition to product assays, Alliance is thoroughly equipped to determine residual solvents, contaminants, or secondary components that may be impacting product performance, and if a method is required for a particular analyte, Alliance Technologies can develop one.  QA and QC are enhanced with product testing from Alliance Technologies.

Case Studies

Examples include:

  • Testing for Quality Control
    Whether you need an individual assay or routine support, Alliance Technologies should be your first call for QC testing. Alliance can check the quality of raw materials and can develop and validate QC methods, or follow an existing method.  Contact one of our scientists to explore how Alliance can meet your testing requirements. Raw Material QC: A drug manufacturer requires ongoing USP analysis ...
  • Paint
    Three paint samples were submitted to Alliance Technologies for analysis to assay CO2 levels generated in the headspace of paint samples containing various additives. The technique developed in this feasibility study would be used to characterize volatile release from paints over time. Alliance’s results suggested that this type of analysis would be appropriate for investigating paint stability ...
  • Product Deformulation & Reverse Engineering
    With years of experience testing many different kinds of products for chemical composition, Alliance Technologies is capable of assisting with product deformulation or reverse engineering.  Finding and applying the right analytical method to your particular product is challenging and only a few laboratories are equipped to handle these kinds of requests. Case studies: A Fortune 100 computer and electronics ...

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