Material Testing: Plastic & Polymer Testing Lab

Plastics and polymeric materials are important in a host of industries and applications.  Packaging materials, medical devices, parts for consumer and electronics goods, time release excipients, and food additives are just a few of the many uses for various types of plastics and polymers.  Synthetic polymers might be tested for leachable chemicals or composition while hydrocolloids could be characterized for molecular weight (Mw) distribution using size exclusion chromatography (SEC) or  rheological properties.

Alliance Technologies' lab employs a number of material testing techniques well suited to the characterization of polymers themselves, including infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), gel permeation chromatography (GPC), thermogravimetric methods (TGA), and tensile or hardness material testing.  Contact one of our lab chemists to discuss your polymer characterization needs.

Case Studies

Plastics & Polymers Material Testing Case Studies:

  • Medical Implants
    Injecting biomaterials into a spinal cord injury site provides significantly improved healing and this type of treatment is pragmatic for spinal injury patients. A developer of hydrogel based products used as implants for spine and vascular purposes asked Alliance Technologies to determine the product’s dimensional stability and the effects of in-patient use. The client provided hydrogel samples and the ...
  • Characterization of Electronics & Sensors
    Assay of Electrolyte in Automotive Sensor: Six electronic parts from the same lot were submitted for analysis to characterize their internal electrolytes. The solvent and anion composition were studied using gas chromatography (GC) and ion chromatography (IC), respectively.   Previous testing revealed differences in solvent and ion composition of “good” and “bad” electrolyte samples. Characterization of ...
  • Extractables & Leachables from Packaging Plastics
    A packaging product manufacturer with a category-leading brand was facing pressure from concerned consumers. They approached Alliance Technologies for help in demonstrating that harmful substances did not leach from their product. Based on this request, Alliance Technologies: Developed an accelerated testing protocol to check for leaching of a product coating, Developed a quantitative method to detect harmful leachate at ...

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