Packaging Material Analysis

Packaging is a multibillion dollar industry concerned with maintaining the quality and integrity of the product it encloses.  Today the packaging industry is faced with pressure from many fronts, including concerns about permeability, stability, environmental sustainability, consistency, leachables, and extractables.  Alliance Technologies is ready to help with a wealth of experience in characterizing polymers and plastics, testing for leachable or extractable chemicals, and performing packaging material analysis for flaws or defects.

Package Testing

With a wide array of analytical package testing equipment, including FTIR, TGA, DSC, GPC, SEC, SEM, and EDX, Alliance is well equipped to characterize packaging materials like polymers.  More traditional packaging materials like cardboard, glass, wood, or metal may also be tested for additives, integrity, or strength.  Contact Alliance Technologies and get a free quote for expert chemical and material testing of your packaging materials.

Case Studies

Package Testing Case Studies:

  • Adhesive & Coating Failures
    Label Adhesion Failure: A label applied to the surface of a polycarbonate compact disc (CD) showed poor adhesion in some areas. The label and CD surface were analyzed by energy dispersive x-ray (EDX) microanalysis, optical microscopy (OPMIC) and Fourier transform infrared microspectroscopy (FTIRM) for contaminants or chemical differences which might account for poor adhesion properties. Based ...
  • Adhesive Failure on Product Packaging
    A global fragrance manufacturer (designer perfumes and colognes) was preparing a major product launch and had prototyped a bottle design with a metal label. During storage and initial testing of the prototype, the metal plates were found to have poor adhesion and were even falling off during storage. The vendor approached Alliance Technologies for help with this ...
  • Extractables & Leachables from Packaging Plastics
    A packaging product manufacturer with a category-leading brand was facing pressure from concerned consumers. They approached Alliance Technologies for help in demonstrating that harmful substances did not leach from their product. Based on this request, Alliance Technologies: Developed an accelerated testing protocol to check for leaching of a product coating, Developed a quantitative method to detect harmful leachate at ...
  • Laminated Product Characterization
    Samples of a company’s laminated product (A) and their competitor’s laminated product (B) were submitted to Alliance to investigate poor ink adhesion on the “A” sample. Using high magnifications to view both samples, some differences in surface morphology were noted as possible causes for poor adhesion on the A sample.
  • Product Deformulation & Reverse Engineering
    With years of experience testing many different kinds of products for chemical composition, Alliance Technologies is capable of assisting with product deformulation or reverse engineering.  Finding and applying the right analytical method to your particular product is challenging and only a few laboratories are equipped to handle these kinds of requests. Case studies: A Fortune 100 computer and electronics ...

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