Construction Materials Testing Laboratory

Alliance Technologies should be your first choice when testing building materials or products related to the construction industry. Alliance Technologies provides investigative materials testing services that assist in solving problems related to product failure, contamination, or corrosion. From planning stages to completion, our construction materials testing is thorough and provides the information needed for any project. Our accurate materials analysis can assist with crucial decisions for saving time and money.

With one of the widest collections of testing instruments available, Alliance Technologies is capable of characterizing a wide variety of chemicals in either solid, liquid, or gas form. Chemical composition or identification is also possible. Contact us for assistance in solving chemical or material problems related to your construction work.

Case Studies

Materials Testing Cases:

  • Chemical Identification
    Patent Infringement Investigation An intellectual property firm working on a case of possible patent infringement provided “blind” samples of stucco to Alliance Technologies  for compositional analysis. They provided no guidance on the patent claims or composition, asking Alliance simply to conduct comprehensive analysis and comparison within a specified budget.  To resolve this IP case, Alliance: Reviewed typical stucco compositions ...
  • Testing Construction Materials
    A window manufacturer who used vinyl profiles for their vinyl windows and doors was encountering product recall issues in hot, sunny regions of the Southwest US, due to yellowing of their window frames.  They approached Alliance Technologies to help them understand the origin of the problem.  Profiles from their window frames came from multiple vendors, who in ...
  • Troubleshooting, Competitive Analysis, & Advice in the Construction Industry
    A tool manufacturer with a line of combustion powered tools and associated fuel systems approached Alliance to help them troubleshoot field problems and learn how to stay ahead of their competition.  Confronted with reports from the field of intermittent poor low-temperature performance connected to poor fuel delivery, the toolmaker asked Alliance to help them understand ...

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