Our Mission…

… is to be an integral part of your team to resolve quality issues, accelerate R&D efforts, and improve manufacturing processes through the expert characterization of chemicals, formulations, or processes and the implementation of process analytical technology.

Company Profile

Alliance Technologies

  • brings over 40 years of industrial experience in chemical and analytical technology, along with a broad range of analytical services to meet the needs of chemical, pharmaceutical, and industrial clients.
  • is a full-service analytical laboratory with state-of-the-art instrumentation.
  • consists of the former corporate capabilities of FMC Corporation’s Analytical Technology group which are now available to chemical, specialty, or pharmaceutical clients.
  • possesses unique expertise in phosphate, peroxygen, lithium, detergent, water treatment, and semiconductor chemicals.
  • provides true “turn-key” capabilities in technical support, R&D method development, and process technology with experience in analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical testing, polymer chemistry, process engineering, materials engineering, materials science, and inorganic chemistry.