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Lab Tests & Analysis

For serious legal cases, science provides answers. Alliance Technologies, LLC, an independent testing laboratory in New Jersey, has a team of experienced scientists and a wide array of analytical tools and proprietary methods to characterize and test chemicals or materials for product quality or performance. From sub-micron microscopic analysis to confirmation of the materials of construction for a failed pump seal, Alliance Technologies can help provide litigation support by uncovering important details through thorough lab tests. Discuss your lab analysis needs with one of our chemists for a professional consultation on using our lab tests and analytical expertise to answer questions in your defense.

With over 35 years of experience as a former corporate analytical technology group for a global Fortune 500 company, Alliance Technologies has both the breadth of analytical instrumentation and depth technical expertise to provide data and interpretation in support of litigation involving:

  • Patent infringement
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Product liability
  • Product failure
  • Trade issues
  • Personal injury claims
  • Insurance claims

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