Manufacturing Process Analysis with Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

Are you looking to squeeze more pounds of product out of your existing plant equipment, reduce process cycle time, or improve product quality? Alliance Technologies, LLC, provides manufacturing support with process analytical technology (PAT). We will help you identify appropriate sensor technology, develop test methods, and assist with implementation. Our scientists can help you gain both a better understanding and better control of your manufacturing process through data mining and the development of process-control algorithms.

Most chemical or mechanical processes are controlled by physical parameters that provide consistency regarding product output. Assuming the starting materials are within certain specifications, the temperature, pressure, and flow of the material are controlled to produce the desired chemical reactions and create a product of acceptable quality. While these measurements work well many times, multivariate chemical sensors can provide additional real-time information to improve the safety and efficiency of the process or consistency of the product.  As chemists familiar with process analysis & process analytical technology, Alliance Technologies can help your business assess its manufacturing process monitoring needs and help you implement a successful plan at your manufacturing site.

A number of problems might arise in a manufacturing process or production facility.  When issues of cleanliness, contamination, or product quality occur, Alliance Technologies is ready and able to assist in chemical identification, failure analysis,  root cause investigations, or process safety evaluations.  With a wide array of testing instruments,  our company has the expertise and capabilities to investigate your most difficult problems.

Process Analysis Case Studies: