Testing in Support of Health & Safety

Testing is critical when it comes to health and safety.  Consumer protection and occupational health are both reasons to ensure a product is safe or prevents harm to a user.   Alliance Technologies often performs chemical and materials testing when questions of health or safety occur.  In every industry, safety is always a serious consideration.  Our clients send us samples to test for odors, toxins, chemical contaminants, and leachable or extractable chemicals. Alliance Technologies tests for information related to chemical reactivity of a product mixture, hazard information, or corrosivity.

When safety or health is involved and you need chemical testing, consult with our scientists here at Alliance Technologies to discuss how we might help you determine the hazards associated with your product or material.

Hazardous Contaminant Testing

Identification of contaminants is a common problem in a wide variety of industries and sample types.  When these contaminants affect occupational health or safety, Alliance Technologies should be your first call.  An importer of luggage for a luxury retailer reported an odor from packed luggage sets and asked Alliance Technologies to investigate.  The identity of the malodors was determined by headspace GC-MS and reported to the client for further action.  When a premium reusable water bottle supplier came to Alliance Technologies, concern over Bisphenol-A was not yet in the news.  Taking a proactive stance, our client asked Alliance to survey their water bottle line for leachable BPA as well as various competitors’ water bottles.  Testing revealed significant contamination on the part of several competitors, which provided a marketing and health advantage to this manufacturer.

Case studies: