Food & Beverage Industry Support

Reliable information regarding food contaminants is a must when imports are detained by the FDA.  Alliance Technologies has helped many clients in the food and beverage industry to test their products for contaminants, formulation differences, quality issues, and more.  Equipped with a wide array of analytical instrumentation as well as expertise regarding many classical chemical tests, Alliance is your ideal partner for testing solids or liquids.

cGMP compliant testing assures you that adequate procedures have been followed to provide confidence in the data produced by our laboratory.  In close proximity to the busy NY/NJ sea ports, Alliance Technologies is capable of offering food testing services to a wide variety of importers, but if your needs include quality control testing, litigation support, contaminant identification, or research & development efforts, we are ready to assist there, too.

Recent interest in leachable chemicals like plasticizers or Bisphenol-A provided an opportunity for Alliance Technologies to develop test methodology to assay low levels of BPA, phthalates, and  adipate esters leached from disposable and non-disposable water bottles.  Information from Alliance Technologies assisted our clients in developing QC programs to monitor and qualify raw materials suppliers as well as in informing their customers of health and safety concerns between bottle types.

Some other examples include: