Electronics Chemical Testing Services

Testing services in the electronics industry include environmental compliance testing such as RoHS and WEEE as well as chemical testing related to electronics devices or electronics processing.  With a long history of testing for electronics processing chemicals like persulfates, peroxides, and phosphoric acid, Alliance Technologies utilizes its extensive instrumental capabilities to assay processing chemicals used in the semiconductor industry and for electronic integrated circuit boards.

Low level metals testing for semiconductor grade chemicals was developed in our laboratory and continues to be used to measure part-per-billion (ppb) contamination in phosphoric acid, hydrogen peroxide, and persulfate salts.  Ultra pure reagent chemicals are critical for the electronics industry and ICP-MS testing from Alliance Technologies provides the analyses required for low level determination of contaminants

With ongoing changes to environmental regulations around the world, limits on metal and chemical additives in electronic parts and plastics continue to evolve.  Alliance Technologies’ chemical testing services can characterize these regulated chemicals in a variety of products or packaging.  Whether it is the plastic insulation from building wire, electronic sensor parts, or printed circuit boards, Alliance Technologies has the means to examine your electronics materials with x-ray (EDX), spectroscopic (FTIR, ICP-OES), or  separation (GC-MS) techniques and provide answers to your critical compliance questions. Get a quote for Alliance’s chemical testing services.

Electronics Testing Cases: