Welcome to the Team

Alliance Technologies’ laboratory is expanding! Two scientists have recently joined the Alliance Technologies team.

Dongxiang Wang, Ph.D.

Dongxiang comes to Alliance after 10 years of analytical research at Penn State University with expertise in separation science (GC, HPLC), thermal methods (TGA, DSC), and spectroscopy (FTIR, UV/vis). At Alliance, she is currently working on developing new methods to identify off-gas chemicals from solid samples, quantifying contaminants in food and pharmaceutical grade raw materials, and GMP quantitative testing.


Aviva Mazurek

Aviva is a graduate of the University of Maryland – College Park, studied chemistry and biology and interned at the Library of Congress studying ancient inorganic inks. In her studies of analytical chemistry she has used spectroscopy (FTIR), electron microscopy and chromatography (GC, HPLC) to solve problems and will be a working on deformulation analysis, identification of microscopic contaminants by SEM and IR microscopy, and several other techniques Alliance employs to solve challenging problems.