Alliance joins AIPLA

Alliance Technologies is excited to exhibit at the American Intellectual Property Law Associate (AIPLA) in Washington D.C. October 25-17. We will be networking and providing education on how science can help provide litigation support: patent infringement, intellectual property protection, trade issues, and more.      

Expanded Service in Pyrolysis GC-MS and Off-Gas Analysis:

(February 9, 2016) Alliance Technologies is proud to announce the addition of new pyrolysis capabilities with a CDS Pyroprobe 5200 unit. Pyrolysis is the thermochemical decomposition of large, complex molecules into smaller fragments for analysis and identification. The CDS Pyroprobe 5200 can operate up to 1400°C and 500 psi, and features a built-in trap for… Read more »

Highlighted Capability: Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

Alliance Technologies’ SEM capabilities allow us to characterize particles for morphology, size, and shape as well as elemental composition. These images show…

Alliance Technologies Expands Chemical Identification Capabilities

(January 22, 2015) To address the increased demand for chemical identification and product deformulation, Alliance Technologies expands chromatography capabilities with additional GCMS instrumentation.  The Shimadzu GCMS Systems Alliance Technologies employs support pharmaceutical and medical device clients with residual solvent testing, cosmetics and beauty clients with dioxane or phthalate testing, and chemical or industrial manufacturers with… Read more »

Alliance Updates Analytical Capabilities

(December 15, 2014) Maintaining and improving analytical test capabilities allows Alliance Technologies to meet a wide variety of test requests.  Recent upgrades include addition of a TA Instruments Q600 simultaneous TGA-DSC, installation of an Agilent optimized axial ICP-OES, and a JEOL 6010LA Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) equipped with a back-scattered electron detector, an energy dispersive x-ray… Read more »

“Solutions and Surfactants”

This Happi magazine article discusses how solutions and surfactants “play an important role in the formulation of household and personal care products… but in recent years, suppliers have faced a variety of issues regarding these ubiquitous materials” and how they are solving some of those problems. To read more, click here.

Fragrances “All Around Us”

A Happi magazine article discusses how “More people, places and things are scented these days as home fragrance companies add new scents and technologies and corporations look to use subtle scents to influence consumers.” Read the full article here.

“Sizing up Your Sunscreen in the US”

Happi magazine article “Sizing Up Your Sunscreen in the US” discusses “Reading your sunscreen label for all that it’s worth.” To read the article, click here.

Dish soap

“Dishing it Out”, a Happi magazine article, discusses how, “Whether by hand or by machine, dishes need to get clean, and marketers address this mundane task with upgraded detergents and scents designed to elevate the experience.” To read the article, click here.

Winning Packaging

“Winning Packaging… More or Less”, an article from Happi magazine, discusses how “The best bottles, tubes, tubs, and dispensers look great, work right and improve a product’s environmental profile, say industry experts.” To read the article, click here.

Household Product Preservation

This Happi magazine article entitled “Critical Elements of Household Product Preservation”  gives “an overview of what a product manufacturer must consider during the formulation of water-based household products”. To read the article, click here.

Sunscreen Innovation Act

Happi magazine article discusses the introduction of the Sunscreen Innovation Act in Congress. Click here to read the article.

Total Mercury Content & Trace Metal Analysis in Wood

In the August and September 2013 issues of American Laboratory, there was a two-part article discussing “Determination of Total Mercury Content and Trace Metal Analysis in Wood Materials.” Part one (to read, click here) discussed use of ICP-OES using mercury cold vapor, while part two (to read, click here) discussed use of ICP-MS–“A Multielement Method”.

Validation of Metal Impurities in Drug Products

To read the American Laboratory article, “Validation of Metal Impurities in Drug Products,” click here.

Sizing Up Scanning Electron Microscopy

(Dec. 10, 2011) SEM and related analytical techniques play a big role in solving problems for a wide variety of clients.  In Drug, Discovery & Development magazine, SEM can be a critical tool for investigations, research and development.  See the whole article here.