Expanded Service in Pyrolysis GC-MS and Off-Gas Analysis:

(February 9, 2016) Alliance Technologies is proud to announce the addition of new pyrolysis capabilities with a CDS Pyroprobe 5200 unit. Pyrolysis is the thermochemical decomposition of large, complex molecules into smaller fragments for analysis and identification. The CDS Pyroprobe 5200 can operate up to 1400°C and 500 psi, and features a built-in trap for… Read more »

Total Mercury Content & Trace Metal Analysis in Wood

In the August and September 2013 issues of American Laboratory, there was a two-part article discussing “Determination of Total Mercury Content and Trace Metal Analysis in Wood Materials.” Part one (to read, click here) discussed use of ICP-OES using mercury cold vapor, while part two (to read, click here) discussed use of ICP-MS–“A Multielement Method”.

Sizing Up Scanning Electron Microscopy

(Dec. 10, 2011) SEM and related analytical techniques play a big role in solving problems for a wide variety of clients.  In Drug, Discovery & Development magazine, SEM can be a critical tool for investigations, research and development.  See the whole article here.