Troubleshooting, Competitive Analysis, & Advice in the Construction Industry

A tool manufacturer with a line of combustion powered tools and associated fuel systems approached Alliance to help them troubleshoot field problems and learn how to stay ahead of their competition.  Confronted with reports from the field of intermittent poor low-temperature performance connected to poor fuel delivery, the toolmaker asked Alliance to help them understand why the problem was occurring, and to provide guidance on solving the problem.

Alliance Technologies:

  • Developed a protocol and technique for sampling both fuel and propellant from the two-chamber (fuel, propellant) fuel canisters.
  • Developed a GC based assay to identify the precise composition of both fuel and propellant.
  • Demonstrated that some canisters had “out of spec” propellant compositions (production had been outsourced) that could lead to condensation of propellant at low ambient temperatures.
  • Completed competitive analysis to identify competitive compositions.
  • Recommended specific changes in propellant and fuel composition that remedied the problem and left more latitude in propellant composition. This created a more “robust” process, making it easier for all canister suppliers to achieve in-spec performance.

With these results our client had the information they needed to remain competitive in the marketplace.  Contact one of our scientists to discuss how Alliance Technologies can assist you in solving your most challenging problems.