Testing Construction Materials

A window manufacturer who used vinyl profiles for their vinyl windows and doors was encountering product recall issues in hot, sunny regions of the Southwest US, due to yellowing of their window frames.  They approached Alliance Technologies to help them understand the origin of the problem.  Profiles from their window frames came from multiple vendors, who in turn used various lots of and suppliers for the raw PVC that they formed into the window frame profiles.

For this project Alliance:

  • applied expertise in plastics compounding to realize that while the PVC profile was a complex mixture (PVC, fillers, pigments, processing aids, thermal and light stabilizers), light and thermal stabilizers were key,
  • developed an extraction/GC protocol to measure stabilizer levels and to identify and measure related materials (decomposition products from exposure to light and heat),
  • analyzed dozens of samples, provided by the manufacturer, comprising virgin and weathered materials from multiple sources and in-use locations,
  • and provided the data needed by the client to troubleshoot the problem.

These results gave our client the information they needed to help resolve their problem and move forward.  Alliance Technologies is committed to delivering technical insight into your product to meet your business needs.  With a wide array of chemical testing equipment, Alliance Technologies is capable of identifying the source of odors in carpeting or drywall, comparing stucco products in support of patent infringement litigation, or characterizing decking for weather treatment chemicals. Contact us to get your free quote today!