Extractables & Leachables from Packaging Plastics

A packaging product manufacturer with a category-leading brand was facing pressure from concerned consumers. They approached Alliance Technologies for help in demonstrating that harmful substances did not leach from their product. Based on this request, Alliance Technologies:

  • developed an accelerated testing protocol to check for leaching of a product coating,
  • developed a quantitative method to detect harmful leachate at trace levels,
  • demonstrated that the packaging product did not leach harmful substances,
  • and measured the harmful substance leached from competitors’ products.

The results showed that Alliance Technologies’ test method was able to quantitatively determine the presence, or lack thereof, of harmful substances that might migrate into foods and beverages.  Based on these results, our client was able to incorporate this information into materials used for customer inquiries or to demonstrate product quality in contrast to their competitors.  With years of experience in analytical testing for food additives and contaminants, Alliance Technologies was able to deliver the facts on product safety.

Leachable or extractable chemicals are often keys to product safety in a number of industries such as medical devices or consumer goods.  IV bags, endoscopic surgical tubing, and window shades are just a few of the materials tested by Alliance Technologies for extractable chemicals.  Contact us for information on how Alliance Technologies can assist you in testing for product safety.